Hi, I'm Grant Thompson, The King of Random!

I started my YouTube channel a few years ago as a way to share my knowledge and experience with the world. Since starting my channel, it has grown has grown to something bigger than I have ever imagined! With videos ranging from Life Hacks, to DIY projects, to downright dangerous experiments, I've always had one goal in mind: to help better the lives of those who watch my videos.

Throughout my life I've worked on oil rigs, done trucking, drove tour busses, piloted aircrafts, and even auditioned for some reality TV shows. I love experimenting and creating new and exciting toys and products to use. With 3 kids and beautiful wife, my family means everything to me; I am a father and husband first and a YouTuber second.

Take a look around my site, watch a few of my videos, and I've even provided a long list of links for items I've used to make a lot of my projects if you feel inspired to make one of my projects. Maybe you can even improve on my designs! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for new content posted regularly and follow me on Facebook as The King of Random, and Instagram, and Twitter at @grantsprojects.